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The Shoe Project


The Pastoral Response Assistance Team is a multidisciplinary team that over the past ten years has utilized a number of people from the juvenile court system. These individuals utilized their backgrounds in social and family systems child abuse, sexual abuse, the law and other areas brought them to the problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and later to other religious and secular institutions.


Most of our Team, while continuing their work with PRAT, remain committed to the work with juveniles who are before the court as the result of abuse or neglect, problems within the family, or other reasons.


A core element to working with any child in the system is to be able to stand in their shoes. Not only to see and empathize, to protect and help, or develop the services that will enable them to grown and develop, but to try and provide the concrete things that may help them on the road to a good life, and to cultivate interests that will sustain them through difficult times.


We have already teemed with WCVB-TV and in CommonWealth 5, an interactive initiative that combines the power of television and the Internet to connect volunteer benefactors with local non-profit organizations in the community, like PRAT, with the Donor-Charity Match Tool. We have already received several well timed donations

* computers for children with interests in writing or succeeding in school

* a bed so that a child could live with a grandparent

* money for bus tickets so that a boy could have a visit from his mother and sister.



What resources are we looking for ?


-durable toys (including blocks, legos, )


-phone cards

-party supplies

-gift cards/certificates for clothes, pizza, hamburgers, movies


-web cams- so that siblings can see each other if even through the internet

-tickets/admission to museums and events that are appropriate for children to spend time with their parents or siblings

-musical instruments / music lessons

-art supplies/ art lessons


We also try to raise funds that will aide in providing transportation and funds to support extended sibling visitation, including accommodations. We are also looking to meet unanticipated needs. To that end donations of bulk materials that can be sold at fairs or new items that can be used in sales or raffles would be welcomed.


Let no child be demeaned, nor have his wonder diminished  

because of our ignorance or inactivity.  Let no child be deprived of discovery, because we lack the resources to discover his problem.  Let no child ever doubt himself or his mind because we are unsure of our commitment….






Commonwealth 5


Fostering the Arts


Our Shoe Project Logo from the kindness of Lewis Goldstein